Ecology & Environmental Science Field School:
Agricultural Adaptations to Climate Change

SOS volunteers with interests in ecologybiology, and environmental education have the opportunity to travel to Chuinajtajuyup, in the department of Totonicapan, for 12 days to learn from, and collaborate with, local farmers on impacts of climate change.

May 2019
Departure Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa , St.John’s and Calgary.

Healthy Bodies, Active Minds:
Kitchen Construction in Aquil Grande

The current kitchen where student’s meals are prepared is in terrible condition.  Many children have suffered health problems because of the unsanitary conditions of the kitchen. To drastically improve the situation, SOS will be building a new kitchen and dining area for the school.

May 2019
Departure Cities: Vancouver and Calgary.

Strengthening Educational Foundations:
School Renovation in Santa Apolonia

The ceilings of the school are in dire need of repair, with holes where the ceiling and walls meet and on the roof itself. Through the installation of a new roof the water leakage issue will be resolved, and drastically reduce illness and improve the conditions for school staff and students.

May 2019
Departure Cities: Toronto, Ottawa and St.John’s.

Tackling Overcrowding:
Classroom Construction in San Felipe Chenlá

Over 80 children in the first 2 grades of primary school will benefit from the construction of 2 new classrooms in San Felipe Chenla. They are currently operating in two classrooms with a sheet roof that has many holes.

August 2019
Departure Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa , St.John’s and Calgary.

Say “¡Sí!” to Spanish!:
Spanish Practice and Cultural Immersion in Antigua

SOS volunteers will have the opportunity to learn or practice their Spanish language skills with the only non profit language school in Antigua, Guatemala; Cambio NDG. Cambio is run by SOS’s partnering organization, Niños de Guatemala.

August 2019
Departure Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa , St.John’s and Calgary.

Tackling Overcrowding:
Classroom Construction in Las Arrugas

The construction of a new classroom in Las Arrugas will benefit over 60 first grade students who are currently sharing 1 classroom. With an improved learning space, teachers can dedicate the time and attention necessary for students success.

August 2019
Partnering SOS Chapter: University of Windsor .

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