Global Impact Fund

SOS believes everyone deserves the chance to learn.

Over 250 million youth around the world do not have any form of access to education (World Bank, 2018). Driven by the fundraising work of student volunteers, SOS assists locally-based, registered non-profit organizations in regions facing barriers to education.

Based on locally identified priorities, SOS’ provides funding and support towards:

  • Construction and renovation of educational infrastructure (including classrooms, libraries, kitchen and bathroom facilities, and recreational supports)
  • Development of learning resources (eg. books, computers)
  • Vocational training and scholarship programs

Furthermore, we build ‘communities of change’ by facilitating annual Outreach Trips, bringing together Canadian students and host communities to build mutual understanding and relationships to contribute towards long-term, systemic change.

Building Systems for Holistic Education

A Locally Led, Holistic Approach

SOS works on a sustained, long-term basis with trusted NGO partners to holistically address barriers to education.

In the communities in which SOS partners’ work, there are a great number of factors to consider in order to improve educational systems, and each community is unique; classrooms need to be safe and suitable to learning; curriculum needs to be relevant; students need transportation to attend school; teachers need effective training; families need to be able to support their children’s studies; students need learning resources.

By working directly with locally-based NGO partners who collaborate closely with teachers and educational authorities in the region we identify how SOS’ support can make meaningful contributions to assist our partners. We do through an annual proposal process, supporting by ongoing research, monitoring, and evaluation.

Our Process

  1. PROJECT PROPOSALS: Each summer, SOS invites its trusted non-profit partners to prepare proposals for how SOS’ funding and support can assist with locally identified priorities. Through the application process, our partners outline the need for the project, the long-term sustainability plan, its cost, as well as the engagement of the local community and supporting educational authorities.

  2. PROJECT PREPARATION: Once a project is approved, SOS works with partners for 8-12 months ahead of time, to set the foundation for the projects’ implementation. Meanwhile, SOS chapters fundraise on their campus through our Exam Aids and other programs to raise the funds for the projects’ costs.

  3. PROJECT COMPLETION: SOS Outreach Trip participants travel to the community during the final phases of the project to assist with construction activities and participate in cultural exchange. Projects are typically in use by the community within three months of our Volunteer Trips.

  4. MONITORING & EVALUATION: Our NGO partners submit a project completion report once the new resource is in use by the community. Partners also provide occasional project updates to assist with long-term longitudinal tracking of a project’s impact. Meanwhile, we also support trip participants in sustaining what they’ve learned into new opportunities within SOS.

Learn more about the impact of our development model by visiting here.

Our International Partners

Our partners on the ground are non-governmental organizations run by passionate individuals who have spent years working, researching and understanding the communities and cultures that we support. They are able to provide vital feedback about what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed and what’s not. We work with and depend on them to develop educational projects that are meaningful and sustainable to the places where we work.
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To us, the development process is about more than simply transferring funds from North America to Latin America. We believe the personal investment keeps this process human, relatable, and sustainable.

We work with hundreds of students across Canada who are eager to learn, share, and explore the world. Outreach Trips channel that energy into constructive projects that enrich the experience and knowledge of our volunteers and host communities.

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