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Exam Aid Instructor

As an Exam Aid Instructor, you lead students in your Exam Aid Session through an in depth review of the core concepts covered in a specific course. You will be developing your presentation skills by explaining main concepts and reviewing key themes using fun examples in an interactive environment. You will ensure students leave the session having a thorough understanding of the content through your interactive, engaging presentation.

  • An experienced communicator, very comfortable giving presentations.
  • Smart! You received a final grade of over 85% in the course you want to teach.
  • Extremely organized, able to balance volunteer, work, and personal commitments.
  • A self starter, able to get down to work without being prompted.

  • The ability to help your peers understand course concepts.
  • The chance to develop your presentation skills.
  • The space to reinforce your own knowledge in a particular subject.
  • The opportunity to gain real  experience working with a team to achieve a common goal.
  • To get involved on campus!

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Meet New People

The SOS Chapter at your school is just an opportunity to make your new best friend.

Become a Celebrity on Campus

Your face will be on posters, your social media handles followed… and your review session packed with people eager to listen to you.


Reinforce Your Knowledge
Practice makes perfect they say, so reiterate your own knowledge by leading peers through an engaging presentation.


Improve Your Presentation Skills
No matter your career path, it is important to foster your presentation and public speaking abilities.

Diversify Your Resume
Good marks are great, but employers are really looking for people with strong volunteer and leadership experience.


Incredible Teaching Experience
You will lead a 2-3 hour review session either alone or in a group – what better way to test if you enjoy teaching!

See Your Impact Firsthand
That shy student that never speaks up in class? Watch them during your session light up when they finally understand the material.

Literally See Your Impact Abroad
… and your impact will be massive. All donations from YOUR session go to sustainable development projects in Latin America.

Broaden Your Network
The SOS family extends to over 100,000 people – whether they took a course, or volunteered with their Chapter. The networking possibilities are endless with our Alumni Network!


Join a Movement
SOS is all of us. In every action we are each contributing to building the culture of the organization, and together we’re working to build an inspired community for sustainable, transformative impact.


SOS Exam Aid Instructors are eligible for significant discounts on instructor led courses offered from The Princeton Review. We are proud to partner with TPR to to help our Exam Aid Instructors prepare for their next steps after graduation.
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