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Becoming an SOS President means you’ll be in the driver seat of growing a fast-paced social enterprise with proven impact, locally and globally. Are you ready to step up? You’ll be depended on to steer the ship – by the SOS Head Office, by our international partners, and by the volunteers at your campus. You’ll be recruiting and managing teams, setting goals, delegating projects, solving problems, building partnerships, and creating an inspired SOS culture. It’s an opportunity unlike any other to show what you can do and learn a ton along the way!

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Longing to Grow Impact

SOS Chapter Presidents aren’t handed a finished product. SOS Chapters are always in a state of growth. You have a strong desire to watch your Chapter break goals and reach new milestones – of impact, of revenue, and of reputation.


SOS Chapter Presidents have a desire to collaborate and learn from others. You seek out feedback and advice from your community. You respond quickly and accurately to inquiries, whether in person or online. You are able to succinctly describe issues/updates/solutions to SOS Head Office and your fellow volunteers.

A Knowledge Seeker

SOS Chapter Presidents know knowledge is power. You’re constantly researching and synthesizing new ideas and recognize the importance of having a FULL understanding of policies and procedures in each department.


SOS Chapter Presidents are able to quickly and effective solve problems on their own. You know dynamic problems need dynamic solutions and you will not stop until you’ve created them. You ask for help when necessary and know that strong problem solving skills are a key quality of a strong leader.


SOS Chapter Presidents understand that their Chapter is responsible for raising revenue and to execute Exam Aid Products. You can take accountability for your successes and your failures. You recognize that SOS’s international projects are made entirely possible by the work done on campus.


SOS Chapter Presidents consistently take initiative to produce new opportunities, relationships, products, and more, to grow their Chapter’s impact. You are constantly contributing your personal development and the development of your peer. The fire in your belly to lead your Chapter to success burns bright.



Another World is Possible

We’re grounded in a commitment to social justice, equality, and global citizenship. We aim to support long-lasting solutions that get to the roots of the social challenges we focus on.


Getting Things Done

With passion comes responsibility. We’re committed to following through on our word and improving our performance over time.

We’re Better Together

It takes a giant, diverse community of people to make SOS work. We look to create fun and inclusive environments, built on the vibrant exchange of perspectives.

Lifelong Learning

We know the SOS experience is part of a broader personal journey. We seek to nurture wellness while enabling opportunities to continually learn and grow.

Dollars and Sense

SOS is founded upon a social enterprise model that enables focused, sustainable impact. We continually look to make the best use of the resources we have available.

Want to Join Your Campus Team?

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