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*ANNOUNCEMENT* Campaign to support the #SOSNicaragua Crisis

SOS is calling on our past trip volunteers and the millions more Canadians who’ve experienced the hospitality and beauty of Nicaragua amidst a recent political and humanitarian crisis in the region.

Until just 6 months ago, Nicaragua was considered one of the safest and top destinations to travel to in Latin America, drawing millions of Canadians to experience the beauty, hospitality and history of the region. But all that has abruptly changed. The country has been plunged into a humanitarian crisis, with children and youth especially being left in a precarious position.

You can help.

100% of your contributions will go directly to on-the-ground support efforts of our partners, ANIDES and Seeds of Learning, supporting the resilience of local communities in responding to this turmoil.



THE CRISIS: In April 2018, the country’s decades of steady economic and social progress took a major step back as the government and citizen groups clashed over the announcement of major pension reforms.

The result was widespread violence and a major repression of civil rights that have shaken the country:

  •  +300 have been killed and +2000 more have been injured
  • +26,000 have fled the country through forced migration
  • International journalists and the United Nations delegation have been deported and opposition political party leaders have been illegally detained
  • Citizens have been denied medical treatment and many school facilities have been shut down
  • Nearly 120,000 jobs and ½ billion dollars have been lost from the implosion of the tourist industry, in a country that already had the 2nd lowest GDP in the region (with 50% of rural populations living below the poverty line)

THE RESPONSE: This turmoil has left many children and youth in precarious positions – out of school, hungry, with limited economic prospects, and in some cases with families torn apart. While the Nicaraguan people are resilient, in these challenging times our partners are calling for global support.

In response to this crisis, SOS has been working with its long-time local charitable partners, Seeds of Learning and ANIDES to design an effective humanitarian response. With your support we will be able to assist the children and youth of our long-time partnering communities via three key programs delivered by these local partners:

  • Scholarship programs to help promising young minds continue their studies despite economic hardship
  • Digital Accessibility programs so youth can continue to study in regions where school operations have been halted
  • Food and nutrition programs so young people don’t go hungry

Help us reach out goal of $30,000. We’re already halfway there!

Thanks to SOS’ unique social enterprise model, 100% of every dollar from your donation will go directly to on-the-ground programming from our local partners


Whether it be $25, $250 or $2500, every dollar you give counts! All donations over $25 are tax deductible

Reach out to James Arron, Executive Director, at to learn more about how you can contribute.


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