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2019 SOS Outreach Projects

25 SOS Chapters at universities across Canada will fundraise the cost of the following educational infrastructure projects in 2019:


Kindergarten Classroom

Cerro Azul, Costa Rica

with Reto Juvenil Internacional

The new classroom for kindergarten students will be built in the community of Cerro Azul, which is part of the indigenous region of Bajo Chirripó.

The construction will be carried out next to the primary classroom of the Cerro Azul school, which has enough space to continue expanding the school infrastructure. The class of kindergarten students are currently receiving lessons in the hallway of the school. School officials estimate next year’s kindergarten enrollment to be at least 23 children.

The classroom will also alleviate overcrowding of grades 1 through 6, who are receiving lessons in the primary level classroom. Students enrolled in grades 1 through 5 are separated into 2 cycles: grades 1, 2, and 3 in Cycle I and 4, and 5 in Cycle II. Currently there is only 1 classroom for all these students, including the kindergarten students who study in the hallway.


Preschool Kitchen

Aldea Boloncó, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


The primary school in Aldea Bolonco was inaugurated 54 years ago and currently serves 530 students. At the beginning of 2017, a small pre-primary school was opened, and since then has opened their doors to children aged 2 to 6 years old.

The pre primary school serves 65 children and is managed by 2 teachers. The school board and parent committee (Junta Escolar) have continued to make improvements to the school to enhance students’ learning, such as the installation of a room dividing wall to better hold students’ attention.

Bolonco belongs to the municipality of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas in the department of Alta Verapaz, which is a priority area for its detected cases of malnutrition. The community receives financial support from the Guatemalan government of the purchase of supplies for the preparation of school meals.

With the scarce resources of the families, a provisional kitchen made of wood and a sheet roof without a floor was built, and they bought a wooden box to store perishable and non-perishable products. The pre primary school lacks an adequate space to house and prepare these meals, and this kitchen will directly change that.


2 Classrooms

Aldea San Felipe Chenlá, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


This project will see the completion of 2 new classrooms in San Felipe Chenla, Guatemala, by August 2019. These classrooms are in response to the growing demand for education and will especially impact students in the first two grades of primary school.

The beneficiaries of this project are 80 children of the school between the ages of 7 to 12 years old and 2 teachers. They are currently operating in two classrooms (pictured below) built of wood with a sheet roof that has many holes, which is very uncomfortable especially during the winter (May to October).

In winter, which is the third month of each school year, rainwater seeps through the holes in the roof of each classroom and the teacher is forced to suspend classes. Students attempt to continue their lessons and homework at home, but many of their parents do not have the appropriate level of education to assist them.


Dining Room/Kitchen

Aldea Aquil Grande, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


The majority of the children that attend La Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta in La Aldea Alquil Grande, Guatemala live in extreme poverty. The food program, where students receive meals and snacks during school hours, helps them meet their basic nutrition needs. These meals are prepared by the mothers of the students, and the funds are provided by the Guatemalan government.

However, the current kitchen (right) where the mothers prepare their children’s meals is in terrible condition.  Many children have suffered health problems because of the unsanitary conditions of the kitchen.

To drastically improve the situation, the community has proposed the construction of a new kitchen and dining area for the school.


Roof replacement and school remodeling

Chuacruz, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


The primary school of Caserio Chuacruz, Instituto Mixto de Educación Básica, is in a state of deterioration.  The roof of the existing structure is in such bad shape that there are perforations, and in the winter months when it rains most, water leaks through, forcing students to move and hide from the rain.  There are many holes in the roof, making it difficult for students to focus on their studies and complete their work.

Moreover, the windows and doors of the school building are in disrepair, and given that the community of Caserio Chuacruz lies at a high altitude, during the winter the broken windows and doors allow cold air to enter the school.  This in turn has negatively affected the students’ health, with many frequently falling ill. With rampant illness, the education of the students and their curricular progression has suffered.

The school board has proposed the replacement of the roof and renovation of the building itself so as to better the health of the students, reduce the rate of absences and increase their progression through the school curriculum.


School Renovation

Santa Apolonia, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


The ceilings of the school buildings in the community Santa Apolonia, in Guatemala, are in very poor condition with holes where the ceiling and walls meet and on the roof itself.  This problem is exacerbated by water leaking through the ceiling during the winter season, which lasts from May to October, when it rains heavily. The spaces in the ceiling created from the leakage have also allowed for the cold air during winter to enter the building. These conditions affect the learning and working environment for students and staff. The school board would like to build more classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students, but the need to replace the roof of the current structure is immediate.

Through the installation of a new roof, the water leakage issue will be resolved, and will bring the school board one step closer to their goal of improving the conditions for the entire school.


1st grade classroom

Las Arrugas, Guatemala

with SEED Alliance


Currently there are over 60 first grade students who are attending school all together in one classroom.  The classroom sits at double capacity.

The school in Las Arrugas has a total of 380 students registered in various grades, but because of a lack of space, students from different grades are forced to share classrooms. This has created a difficult learning environment for themselves, and for their teachers. This project will see the completion of a new classroom for 1st grade students. The community has also proposed the replacement of the tin roof with a cement one, so that a second level of the school can be created.
The community created this video to demonstrate the need for the project in Las Arrugas. SOS has worked with Las Arrugas since 2015, completing a water distribution project and a school kitchen over the course of 3 Outreach Trips.

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