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Start Right provides live workshops, online resources, and personal mentorship delivered by current Post-Secondary student volunteers to help High Schoolers thrive through transitions.

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Life after high school offers an exciting new chapter. But, this period of change can also present significant challenges for even the most talented and well-supported of students. Our program helps high schoolers build the skills, self confidence, knowledge, and support networks to ‘start right’ as they begin their next stage.



Here is why it is needed:

  • 4/5 current post-secondary students felt they hadn’t developed the health and stress management skills they needed for post-secondary[1]
  • 65% of students reported experiencing overwhelming anxiety in the previous year (up from 58% in 2013)[2]
  • 1/6 university students drop out in their first year[3]
  • 67% of Canadian students (university) graduate with debt, at an average amount of $25,000, [4] which takes on average 10+ years to pay off
  • Over 50% of todays jobs will be affected by automation in the next 10 years[5]

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2. Council of Ontario Universities, 2017: In it Together: Taking Action on Student Mental Health
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4. Global News, 2017: 77% of Canadian graduates have regrets about student debt: poll
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Our network of College/ University students are sharing their real life stories to help answer students questions.



SOS has designed three workshops designed by students, for students, to cover a variety of key topics needed to make a successful transition to College and University life. We’re calling on students, parents, and teachers who want to help bring the workshops to their schools.

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We start by helping participant take stock of the decisions that need to be made in the months ahead. By working through a series of activities they will clarify their future options, their decision-making criteria and prerequisites, and the timeline for their next step. Highlights include:

  • Hear real life stories from current students about their lessons learned and what they wish they knew about preparing for post-secondary life
  • Develop your own personalized ‘Decision Matrix’
  • Get to know the major trends impacting post-secondary pathways and future career prospects
  • Plus: tips and resources for accessing Student Financial Assistance, resources to understanding post-secondary program structures (eg. Majors, Minors, and more), and stress management tactics to help you stay calm as you make the big decisions ahead!


As participants near towards their graduation, they’ll work with our facilitators to identify and understand the variety of lifestyle and academic changes they’re likely to experience as they transition to post-secondary life, and prepare themselves through self-assessment and goal setting activities. Highlights include:

  • Preparing a personalized ‘Wheel of Life’ assessment to guide holistic goal-setting
  • Create a personalized vision board to visualize your goals and intentions
  • Plus: learn how to incorporate scientifically proven models of “Cognitive Behaviour” to manage change in your life



It’s almost time to take the big leap! We’ll go through a series of fun and highly practical roleplay scenarios so participants have the confidence and skills to respond to real life situations they are likely to encounter in the early stages of their post-secondary career

  • Creating and managing a personal budget
  • Personal social media management 101
  • PLUS: tips on eating healthy, doing your laundry, finding helpful campus resources, and preparing for your first week on campus


Becoming a Start Right Facilitator is your chance to be part of the SOS community, help other students following in your footsteps, and develop valuable presentation and facilitation skills.

Download this package to learn all about the workshops you’ll be helping to deliver.

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